Cold Lonely Courage

Cold Lonely Courage - Soren Paul Petrek, Michael Morgan Cold Lonely Courage tells the story of Madeline, a young French woman who becomes desperate for revenge during WW2 after her brother is killed and she is raped. Along with a cast of supporting characters, we follow her as she is trained to be a British Special Op spy and then becomes involved in the war effort against Germany.Petrek is a good writer. The first few chapters did feel a bit stilted but it soon picked up and was an enjoyable read. I didn't feel obliged to pick it up and read it; I enjoyed it. The chapters were short, but this fit with the thriller genre and made reading easy. The story idea was good too, and I could tell that lots of historical research had gone into writing the novel.However, the problem I had with this book was the characters. Apart from the German police officers Willi and Stenger, everyone was either good or evil, with not much in between. I found it hard to believe that Madeline could ever go back to being a normal person, that she wouldn't have been deeply affected by what she was doing. The romance part felt a bit like an uncessary add-on, as the thriller sections were much more enjoyable. Things tied together a bit too neatly, especially compared to the gritty realism I was expecting.