The Brightest Star in the Sky: A Novel

The Brightest Star in the Sky: A Novel - Marian Keyes The novel tells the story of a group of people all living in flats in the same building. Maeve and Matt are a married couple coping with a traumatic event, Katie is finding it hard to see where her life is going, Lydia is a female taxi driver who cares for her Mum (who has dementia) and Jemima is coming to the end of her life.Well, my sister was right - it's not really chick lit. In fact, Marian Keyes' writing style reminded me a bit of Nick Hornby's and there was no way the book could be described as superficial. Marian was very good at writing about everyday life in a way that didn't sugarcoat it or make it overly depressing. It was just like real life, lived by people everywhere.With such a large cast of characters, it was hard to relate to and root for every one. I found Maeve's story the most affecting and guessed the twist before it was revealed. On the other hand I didn't really get behind Katie's relationship struggles. Those sections weren't boring, but I didn't really care which character Katie chose.The writing style was simple and easy to read - all of the strength of the book was in the characters and plot developments. I didn't care for the supernatural element of this novel but would definitely read more by Marian Keyes.