All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 7)

All Together Dead  - Johanna Parker, Charlaine Harris In this, the seventh book of the series, Sookie attends a vampire conference and becomes once again involved in all kinds of sinister plots. There are also, as always, many men fighting over her.I was glad this book returned to vampires as the main supernatural creatures, as I don't think that werewolves or shape-shifters or fairies are half as interesting. Having said that, there was a lot of characters for the casual reader to keep up with and I did find myself thinking 'who?' every now and again. Harris does a good job of introducing everyone, it's just because I haven't read the series very quickly and have left long gaps between books. I also missed some of the regular Bon Temps characters.As always, the book was lively, engagingly written, and really easy to read. One thing that Harris does deserve a lot of credit for is how Sookie has changed and developed as the books have gone along. Character development isn't always the easiest thing to convey, and I liked how events had changed her.My major complaint is actually with the cover. I have a UK box set that came out as a tie-in to the True Blood series, and it seems like the person who designed the covers hasn't read the books at all. Jason isn't even in this book! It's same for all the others too - Tara even gets a cover of her own, despite not being given more than a few lines in the whole series.