Moranthology - Caitlin Moran Caitlin Moran is a British journalist who writes columns for The Times, and How to Be A Woman is part autobiography and part feminist rant. It tells of her working class background and experiences and also includes her views on being a woman and on feminist issues such as abortion and beauty myths.This book was OK. The conversational style made it easy to read and it was funny at points. Coming from a working class background myself, I could relate to Moran's experiences and she wrote about growing up as a girl in late 20th century England very well. However, after this enjoyable section of the book the rest became very disjointed. Her experiences as an adult were randomly spliced with the parts about feminism. And although these parts were interesting, she was hardly writing anything I hadn't heard before. If you want feminism, there are lots of books I would recommend over this one. And if you disregard the feminism parts, all you have left is a very average memoir.I don't want to be too harsh about this book, as I did enjoy reading it and it wasn't horribly written; I just wouldn't recommend it to others.